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1st Dog's Name
Dog's Age
(Please keep in mind, the instructors will determine which level of class your dog should be placed in, based upon their performance on the first day of classes or performance in previous classes with K9 Agility.)
(Please keep in mind, the instructors will determine which level of class your dog should be placed in, based upon their performance on the first day of classes or performance in previous classes with K9 Agility.)

Hope Movsesian has been a Las Cruces resident since 1979, originally from St. Louis , Mo. and raised in the high desert of Southern California. She has BFAs from NMSU in Photography and Metal Smithing. Hope has helped teach Welding in the Public Schools at MVTEC, a vocational school for Special Education and At Risks kids. Her volunteer work has helped to educate the public through the Master Gardener Program and teaching Basic Obedience classes with the Dog Obedience Club of Las Cruces. Most recently you would find her teaching Puppy and Doggie Manners Classes at Las Cruces Dog Sports.

Returning to the dog world in 2005 Hope was thrilled to find that training philosophies and practices had changed from traditional training techniques of the ’80s using adversives to science based, positive training methods. The results have been nothing short of spectacular for Hope and her dogs. They have experienced training in Search and Rescue when a member of MVSAR, been an active member of TheraPaws, and entered the competition Rally Obedience ring. They continue to dabble in Nosework, Tricks, and Rally Obedience. Of course Canine Fitness remains a must for this athletic team.

The Agility experience began with the local Dog Obedience Club, followed closely with Las Cruces Dog Sport’s Kim Fuqua and Kyle Schumacher. Consistent training in the LCDS agility classes, seminars with Nationally Renown Trainers/Competitors, online classes, acquiring her own equipment for her Agility field and trialing in both NADAC and AKC venues continues to fulfill Hope and her Pup’s love of the Game.

An understanding of the principles of modern behavioural science and importance of positive training as part of a healthy lifestyle for dogs has helped Hope in her current position as Dog Trainer for the Ruff to Ready Program. This program, offered through the Doña Ana Humane Society in support of our local Animal Services Center, helps new Adoptees and their Guardians resolve Behavioral issues in order to halt the ‘revolving door’ of adoption-return-adoption-return. New learners are a primary focus as the foundational aspects of dog training is where much of our understanding and success lies.

Sandra was raised in northern New Mexico where she participated in rodeo and 4-H. After graduating from Grants High School she moved to Las Cruces and attended NMSU. She earned a BBA with a major in Business Computer Systems and a minor in Economics. While working at NMSU she continued her education and received her MBA. Sandra recently retired from NMSU after 30 years of service and, in addition to teaching obedience/agility classes, started her own livestock and pet-sitting service.
Even at a young age, Sandra enjoyed working with animals. Approximately 21 years ago, Sandra started training and trialing her canine kids. She has assisted and taught intro to advanced levels of obedience and agility classes. Sandra encourages students to broaden their horizons and try new techniques. Sandra believes that our partners in the competition are canine athletes. Just like human athletes, our canine counterparts benefit from regular exercise, a well-balanced diet and an annual vet visit. These components are critical to ensure optimum health and performance, both in and out of the show ring.
Each dog that Sandra has trained has been unique and reaffirms the fact that, like people, dogs are individuals in their own right, with diverse personalities and behaviors that, often, require creativity and resourcefulness in training techniques in order to reach the end goal. Sandra’s first agility dog was an Australian Shepherd, Aussie. Together, they learned the basics of agility/obedience, and competed together for several years, which prepared Sandra for her next four-legged family member – Cody, who was a Border Collie. Together, Sandra and Cody progressed to a higher level of agility/obedience performance and competition. As Cody was nearing retirement at the age of 12, Sandra began thinking about acquiring a puppy as her next competition partner. Jolt (a.k.a., My Heartbeat At My Feet) arrived in the Spring of 2012, an 8-week old Border Collie with lots of spunk and amazing speed. Sandra and Jolt have been training and competing together for several years in AKC and USDAA, qualifying in the finals round at multiple Regional and National Championships. Jolt has taught Sandra to reach beyond her comfort zone and learn new handling and training techniques, in order to continue to progress and excel in the sport of agility. The journey continues…..
MACH Lock-Eye Head N Heel (Jolt) MXS, MJS, MFB, TQX, T2B3, TKN
Aim High Outlaw Cody Spur (Cody) CDX, RAE, MX, MXJ, MJB, OF
Aussie Duke (Aussie) CDX, OA, OAJ

Instructor: Sandra

4:00 – 5:00 PM Intermediate
5:15 – 6:15 PM Intermediate
6:30 – 7:30 PM Competition
7:45 – 8:45 PM Competition

Instructor: Sandra

8:00 – 9:00 AM Competition
9:15 – 10:15 AM Competition

Instructor: Hope
6:30 – 7:30 PM Beginning


Instructor: Hope

8:00 – 9:00 AM Pre Agility
9:00 – 10:00 AM Beginning Agility
6:00 – 7:00 PM Puppy Performance (Must be under 1 year)
7:00 – 8:00 PM Pre Agility


Instructor: Tamara

7:00 – 9:00 AM Skills and Drills
9:15 AM – 10:15 AM Beginning

Class Title

Class Objectives

Proficiency Exam


Cover basic manners to participate in agility (e.g. recall, start line stay, rear-end targeting); brief introduction to jumps, non-curved tunnels, teeter-bang game (i.e. last few weeks of class)

First 5 minute warm-up

  • Reliable recall
  • Start Line Lead-out (1 obstacle)
  • Rear-end target (e.g. stopped contact basics off of equipment)

Beginning Agility

Continue reinforcing basics, introduction to lowered contact equipment, curved tunnels, channel weaves, small sequences (i.e. 3-6 obstacles)

First 5 minute warm-up

Intermediate I

Front-crosses, begin closing open channel weaves (i.e. guides on and off), begin connecting rear-target behavior with contact equipment, small sequences (i.e. 3 – 6 obstacles)

First 5 minute warm-up

  • Execute front cross
  • Channel weaves progressing (i.e. beginning to close)
  • Successful complete small sequence (i.e. 3 obstacles)

Intermediate II

Rear-crosses, keep closing open channel weaves, work weaves entries, continue building rear-target behavior with contact equipment, medium sequences (i.e. 6 – 9 obstacles)

First 5 minute warm-up

  • Execute front and rear-crosses
  • Weaves mostly closed with guides or weaves semi-closed with mostly no guides
  • Successfully complete medium sequence (i.e. 6 obstacles)

Intermediate III

Blind-Crosses, keep closing open channel weaves, work weave entries, rear-target behavior with contact equipment, medium sequences (i.e. 6 – 9 obstacles)

First 5 minute warm-up

  • Execute front, rear, blind-cross
  • Weaves mostly closed, mostly uncaged
  • Successful sequencing of 6 obstacles


First 5 minute warm-up

  • Elements of novice course and open courses
  • Contacts (i.e. rear-target behavior)
  • Sequence 9-12 obstacles
  • Weaves mostly closed, mostly uncaged (i.e. no middle guides)

(Successful completion of a novice jumpers course without weaves?)

Competition I (Novice/Open Level)

First 5 minute warm-up

  • Elements of novice and open courses

Successful completion of a novice std. course:

  • Jumps
  • Contacts
  • 6-Weaves (no guides)
  • General knowledge of all crosses

Competition II

First 5 minute warm-up

  • Elements of excellent/masters courses

Successful completion of an open std. course:

  • Jumps
  • Contacts
  • 12-Weaves (Closed, no Guides)
  • Knowledge of crosses

Special Class(es)

Puppy Performance

Mid-Session Workshops

Building Drive
Handler Focus
Obstacle Focus
Start-line Games
Training Games
Working Jump Back-Sides
Working Weave Entries/Exits
Working Contact Obstacle Independence
Working Weave Independence
Fun Runs

Class Sizes

Puppy Performance– 4-6 dogs;
Pre-Agility – No more than 6-8 dogs;
Beginning Agility – No more than 6-8 dogs;
Intermediate – No more than 4-6 dogs;
Competition  I (Novice/Open) – 4-5 dogs;
Competition II (Excellent/Masters) – 4-5 dogs;
Competition III (Masters) –4-5 dogs;

*Prior to paying for an agility class, you must sign up with an instructor.*